The Department of Humanities and Applied Sciences is one of the key departments of NHITM as it instils the basics of engineering to students in their first year of study. The department comprises faculty from four streams including Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Communication Skills. The department has highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated teaching faculties. The laboratories are well equipped to cover the practical and theoretical depth of knowledge of the syllabus as well as to motivate our students to learn beyond the specified curriculum. The department is very well aware that promising engineers of future are taking shape with it.

Since fundamental principles of Physics form the very basis of engineering, the department aims at imparting this knowledge with blend of emerging areas of technology. The faculty of Mathematics ensures that crucial advanced mathematical concepts are taught with utmost care. The faculty of chemistry imparts theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the areas of applied chemistry to the students. The faculty of communication skills ensures students are nurtured in a manner to have competitive edge across all areas of life. The students are trained to have an overall development in terms of English language skills in communication, group discussion and presentation skills.

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, department ensures that fundamental knowledge of science and humanities is imparted to the students to make them multi-talented engineers grounded in ethics and values.