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Internal Complaint Committee

Aims and Objects of Women Grievance Redressal Cell at NHITM

The objects of the Cell shall be

(i) To prevent sexual harassment and to promote the general well‐being of female students, teaching and non‐teaching women staff of the Institute.

(ii) To provide appropriate working conditions in respect of work, leisure, health and hygiene to further ensure that there is no hostile environment towards women at work places and that no women employee has reasonable grounds to believe that she is disadvantaged in connection with her employment.

(iii) To provide guidelines for the Redressal of grievances related to sexual harassment of female students, teaching and non‐teaching women staff of the Institute

Duties of the Cell:

(i) In case of sexual harassment in any of the premises of the Institute, active assistance shall be provided to the complainant by the Institute to pursue the complaint and the safety of the complainant shall also be ensured.

(ii) The Institute shall provide all the necessary assistance for the purpose of ensuring full, effective and speedy implementation of these Directions.

(iii) To conduct the regular meetings of the Cell at least once in every six months and emergent meeting can be conducted as and when required.

Sr. No. Name of the Members Designation in the ICC Composition as per the Clause of regulation, 2016
1 Ms. Megha Gupta, Asst. Professor Presiding Officer (Teaching Faculty) Clause 4 (1) (a)
2 Dr. Jayshree Mahale, Asst. Professor Member (Teaching Faculty) Clause 4 (1) (b)
3 Dr. Vilas Mapare, Asst. Professor Member (Teaching Faculty) Clause 4 (1) (b)
4 Mr. Sandip Vangalwar, CAO Member (Non-teaching) Clause 4 (1) (b)
5 Mr. Rajesh Selukar, Project Engineer Member (Non-teaching) Clause 4 (1) (b)
6 Ms. Juhi Khemani Member (Student Representative) Clause 4 (1) (c)
7 Ms. Rakshanda Koli Member (Student Representative) Clause 4 (1) (c)
8 Ms. Sneha Gaikwad Member (Student Representative) Clause 4 (1) (c)
9 Mrs. Poonam Sharma Member (NGO) Clause 4 (1) (d)

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