Cultural Club

Culture is the customs, ideas, and beliefs of a particular society and country while cultural activities are activities that connected to the culture. Gone are the days when only academic programs were the only activities organized in colleges and all students focused on that. With the changing trend we have noticed a major difference in the field of academics too. Students don’t want to be bookworms; they look for other options that could help them in the future. Besides, this in this high tech world, every student wants to acquire knowledge in every field to stay updated. Co-circular activities play a vital role in the life of students; the aim of the NHITM’s CULTURAL CLUB is to identify various important days and to initiate the celebration of the same. The club celebrates various events for the benefit of the students so as to provide them the opportunity to explore their talents.

  • Social benefits:

Extracurricular activities increase opportunities for social interaction with people of different backgrounds, that really helps in the development of interpersonal skills of students.

  • Practical benefits:

It teaches students on how to work for a common goal, which ultimately develops a sense of responsibility in them.

  • Raises Self esteem:

Many times, being involved in extra-curricular activities helps to raise the self-esteem of students.

  • Some more benefits:

Helps in spreading the message of peace and brotherhood, which have transpired since ages and only recovered through these various activities.

Yoga Club

Derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, Yoga means union of the inpidual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit. Yoga is a 5000 year old Indian body of knowledge. Though many think of yoga only as a physical exercise where people twist, turn, stretch, and breathe in the most complex ways, these are actually only the most superficial aspect of this profound science of unfolding the infinite potentials of the human mind and soul.The science of Yoga imbibe itself the complete essence of the Way of Life.

Yoga is a means to find balance, strength, and focus in body, mind, and spirit. The NHITM yoga club is made to contribute to a more perse, healthy student body and community. The mission of the yoga club is to promote the practice and study of yoga and to foster a community around this practice.

Sports Club

Physical education & sports play vital role in achieving the aims and objectives of Education. To achieve a healthier lifestyle while coping with the pressures of studying, one needs to be healthy both emotionally and physically.As a part of this process, NHITM Sports Club emphasizes the importance of sports and considers them as an integral part of the curriculum. The students are provided with excellent facilities and encouraged to take part in the tournaments held in and around Mumbai.

With the view to recognize upcoming talented sports woman in the college, the Sports Club organizes sports day/festival in the annual event of college “KSHITIJAM”. The day/festival witnesses the large participation of girls which includes athletics, badminton, throw ball, carrom, chess, and Box cricket, etc. Prizes and certificates are awarded to the winners.

Socio Club

NHITM’s SOCIO CLUB is a Social Service Club. It is a voluntary non-profit club where club members (students and staff) meet regularly to perform charitable works either by direct hands-on efforts or by raising money for other organizations such as orphanage, old age homes, etc. It is defined firstly by its service mission and secondly its membership benefits.

The purpose of the Socio Club is to:

  • Act as a mutual supportive community for social work with students and others interested in social service.
    Create and enhance a professional identity as prospective social workers.
  • Enhance a more practical knowledge of social work and social services.
    Enhance the visibility and appreciation of social services among the student body.
  • Gain and develop the students’ skills in group dynamics, leadership, cooperation, and coordinating activities, meetings and events.
  • Introduce knowledge, values, skills used in the social services.

Social activities planned to organize:

  • Collection and Distribution of clothes to Orphanage Groups.
  • Literacy Programmes to Adivasi areas.
  • Setting up of Medical camps.
  • Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan.