In the current fast developing world, students should be able to cope up with technological development. The institute encourages students to initiate the development of prototypes, participate in technical competitions, workshops, research conventions. This enables them to seamlessly integrate with the professional environment in the future.

NHITM offers a concentration in Technology Innovation for undergraduates majoring in any field of engineering that adds another dimension to the bachelor’s degree at a time when the demand for engineers with hands-on experience in interdisciplinary fields is growing.



NHITM closely coordinates with the core industries for implanting field training and industrial visits. Students are trained by experts from the industries on trending technologies.

We have signed MOU’s with various leading Industries to provide refined engineering talent.

Research Papers Published in AY 2022-23

[1] Muskan Shiakh,Mrunalini Trubhuvan Diksha Tribhuvan,Siddhi Salaskar,Priyanka Gurao Piezoelectric Tyre,GIS SCIENCE JOURNAL, UGC CARE GROUP-II,VOLUME 10 ISSUE 4 ,APRIL 2023,ISSN NO.1869-9391,PAPER ID:GSJ/10517
[2] Krishan Aggarwal,Satyam Singh Singh,Shubhankar Naik,Omkar Gurav,Shrikant Baste, Intelligent Driver Monitoring system for steering wheel,GIS Science Journal,UGC care group-II,VOLUME 6,iSSUE 4,APRIL 2023,Paper Id:GSJ-10508
[3] Viashnav Patil,Nihar Fadnis,Prathmesh yeole, Anish Kulkarni,Ganesh Mhatre, Rain Water Energy Harvesting ,Gradiva Review Journal,UGC care approve group-II journal,Volume 9,Issue 5,May 2023,Paper id :GRJ5442

Chinmay Yeole,Suyash Satam,Aniket Sherigar ,Athang Deshbhratar,Chandraprakash Zode Unmanned Gun system,GIS SCIENCE JOURNAL,UGC CARE APPROVED GROUP -II,VOLUME 10 ISSUE 5,MAY 2023,,ISSN NO.1869-9391,PAPER ID GSJ10544

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Research Papers Published in AY 2021-22

[1] Raj Chauhan, Trisha Gupta, Aditya Gidh, Dr. Sanjay Sharma, “RAT TRAP: Home Surveillance System using IOT and AI” International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, Volume 9, Issue 5 May 2022, ISSN: 2395-0072
[2] Jayni Manjrekar, Manali Pandit, Sonali Salvi, Yogita Chavan, “Smart Mirror using Internet of Things”, International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts, Volume 10, Issue 4 April 2022, ISSN: 2320-2882
[3] Isha Kokate, Siddhi Ghate, Anushree Mandape, Yogita Chavan, “Voice For Rural” International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts, Volume 10 Issue 4 April 2022, ISSN: 2320-2882
[4] Ajit Bandre, Snehal Chinchkar, Ruchira Zope, Sheetal Jadhav, “BeCareful: Personal Safety Application with Scream Detection”, International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology, Volume 10, Issue IV, April 2022, ISSN: 2321 – 9653

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Research Papers Published in AY 2020-21

[1] Areeb Malik,Shrishti Madargi,Vinayak Kalwar, “E-Commerce Data Analysis using Hadoop and Apache Spark” International Conference on Substantial Development in the Field of Engineering, Management and Humanities, May 2021, ISBN: 978-81-948668-5-5
[2] Deepali Mudale, Madhuri Athavle, Upasana Shrivastav, “Music Recommendation based on Face Emotion Detection” International Conference on Multidisciplinary Approaches in Humanities, Management and Science, April 2021, ISBN: 978-91-952307-3-0
[3] Jayesh Sharma, Shyam Mourya, Raunak Rai, “Drug Discovery using Deep Learning”, International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology(IJERT), (Volume 10, Issue 6), June 2021, ISSN 2278- 0181, Impact Factor – 7.87
[4] Mrunal Jadhav, Aarti Chile, Shital Thakre, “Detecting Phishing Website using Machine Learning” International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, Communication and Technology (IJARSCT), (Volume 5, Issue 1) May 2021, ISSN : 2581 – 9429, Impact Factor 4.819

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Funded Projects

AY 2020-21

Name of the Project/ Endowments, Chairs Name of the Principal Investigator/Co-investigator Department of Principal Investigator Year of Award Amount Sanctioned( in Lakhs) Duration of the project Name of the Funding Agency
KINETICS OF PLUG FLOW VERMICOMPOSTING Dhanashri Joshi / Shubhra Dhamande Civil Engineering 2020 0.3 1year University of Mumbai
Safeguard Data for fog network Rushikesh Rajendra Nikam / Mohd. Azmat Javed Computer Engineering 2020 0.2 1year University of Mumbai
Material Engineering of Semiconductor Photocatalyst for Waste Water Treatment Aparna Kulkarni / Dr. Ranjana Verma HAS department 2020 0.6 1year University of Mumbai
Analysis and optimization of pharma tableting radial tools Satish M Silaskar/Prathmesh Choughule Mechanical Engineering 2020 0.35 1year University of Mumbai
Comparative study of Bio-Fuels & diesel on CI Engine Pravin B Alone/Prathmesh Choughule Mechanical Engineering 2020 0.21 1year University of Mumbai
Smart Path Detector Dr. Niranjan T. Kulkarni / Dr. Vilas V. Mapare Electronics and Electrical Engineering 2020 0.35 1year University of Mumbai