Vision And Mission

To imbibe interdisciplinary skills extending knowledge about computing approaches, tools, and technologies, design approaches for new technologies and applications.

To impart theoretical and functional knowledge to enable them fit for career options like gaming, entertainment, mobile application, web design through virtual reality.

To enable students to take up challenges in this recent and innovative arena which involves the study of cutting edge technologies suited for Industry.

To nurture life skills enabling students to take up lifelong learning.


Apply computational skills to solve challenging and multi-disciplinary problems
To extend basic knowledge to cater to the rapid technology changes in the industry

To engage students in a lifelong learning process which will be essential for progression in their careers.

Design, develop, and deploy software applications that cater to user needs.

Collaborate effectively in interdisciplinary teams, integrating computer science and design perspectives.

Pursue lifelong learning and professional development

About us

Computing and computer technology are part of just about everything that touches our lives. The demand for digital tools and applications has never been greater, given the growing application of digital technology across most sectors and domains. Individuals who combine creativity and design skills with the ability to develop dependable and supportable software will be in high demand.

The course of Computer Science and Design Engineering has been designed to produce graduates who are not only knowledgeable about computing approaches, tools, and technologies, but also about design approaches and new media technologies and applications. Computer Science and Design (CSD) mixes core design courses with a strong programming foundation. Thus, students will be prepared to work in the IT industry as well as the digital media industry. Graduation in CSD aims to provide a holistic career program to make students skilled in the latest design technologies to transform future generations. Through this course, students will gain an interdisciplinary skill set that will prepare them for a variety of careers in fields such as the arts, entertainment/games, animation, virtual/augmented reality, mobile application development, multimedia, product/web design, cybersecurity, digital analytics, and other interactive systems in a variety of industries.

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Dr. Niranjan Kulkarni

Computer Science always had the aspiration to go way beyond “coding”. Hence Computer Science and Design is a new area of research where we use computational tools to gather data, filter them and create knowledge from them to support professional endeavors.

Using a specific series of numbers and letters, called a programming language, Computer Science and Design engineers implement these computations and algorithms into an innovation. Computer Science and design curriculum covers vast areas of data mining, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, robotics, databases, web programming & cybersecurity. This course will help in developing techniques and abilities to investigate a problem that can be solved by a Human-Computer Interaction design process. It is associated with understanding foundations, software, architecture, communication, and capabilities of computing. I welcome you all to join this branch and make a creative team that can make a positive difference

Time Table


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