Excellent Internet surfing facility is provided to the students and staff through excellent bandwidth internet from service provider Net for you.

Campus is completely wifi enabled .

CCTV based vigilance system in campus.

Personal Computer are having latest i3 or more Intel processors , there are two IBM xseries servers which facilitates with IT services to the complete campus interconnected by LAN with switches.

Exposures to Linux and open source based application software and operating system in campus for students .

The classrooms are smart classrooms as they are embedded with projectors. Lecturers can do presentation and show videos which are helpful for students to understand the subject.

Moodle course management system (CMS) – a free Open Source software

The above smart IT facilities helps students to explore information concerning their project, technical paper presentation and research works. The students keep themselves updated with fast changing technology. There are various services such as Ftp,moodle,telnet,http ssh,Remote desktop which are availed by students over internet 24 x 7  from home desktop and Current generation smartphones .